ProLine Dog Walk Stride Regulator


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Product Overview

A self clamping device designed for dog walk planks of between 26cm and 31cm (All UK KC specification, all FCI specification and most AKC dog walks) The regulator features two 16cm long independently sprung arms which grip the sides of the dog walk and a  central 25mm bar. Each stride regulator is supplied with a foam jacket which may be mounted on the bar to both increase the diameter (and therefore visibility) as well as providing a cushion against accidental contact with the larger bar. 

The sprung arms are constructed as a single piece polycarbonate/ABS injection moulded fitting offering superior strength and rigidity. 

Regulators are provided in a simple colourway of white or black bar and black ends with a silver grey foam sleeve but decorative colour and added highlighting can be achieved with the addition of coloured duct tape.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review