The stride regulator has come a long way since I first made a prototype in the early summer of 2014. The first design was a very thin (15mm diameter) , somewhat flexible tube with a single moving part and a bungee cord up the middle. The ends were made from 3D printed plastic parts. Surprisingly it worked well on the A-Frame it was designed for but after a few outings it became clear that it just wasn't beefy enough for the job.


The second attempt was a lot bigger; 40mm diameter ABS tube with a close fitting inner sliding section. Considerably more rigid and yet light enough to hold in place with the tension from its own central elastic.

The end arms were still 3D printed but now a multipart design in PLA which glued together for strength. This became known as the Classic model and was produced in 40mm and later 20mm. It was very popular and is still requested today. If you have access to someone with a 3D printer the designs are available via the Blog to make your own.


To add some additional durability, and to prevent the regulator moving during use, the end was changed in 2020 to a single piece design with an underframe lug. It was still 3D printed but now in PETG which had better temperature and UV stability. That year also saw the introduction of a cushioned version of the A-Frame regulator for those wanting to offer every possible protection to their dogs.


In 2022 the 3D printing technology was eventually retired in favour of  a custom injection moulded part with superb strength and decreased weight. As a polycarbonate and ABS mix it is truly suitable for all weather use.



These days if you need the diameter to be bigger or the bar to be cushioned every stride regulator comes with a foam sleeve to slide over the bar giving both protection and the increased volume.


If you need decoration or brighter colours then the addition of a little coloured duct tape can give almost any livery you desire...