Using Weave Guides

Agilitum weave guides offer a simple to use solution to either training from first principles, assisting weave entries and exits or discouraging mid weave departures. Available in solid colours or as transparent strip they comprise a replaceable flat strip and two pole rings. They are designed to fit the current UK standard 36mm plastic pole. (If in doubt please check the diameter of your weave poles as the rings are not adjustable) Versions are available for FCI standard weaves (Galician etc) and US standard 1" diameter weaves but please message us if these are required.

The Agilitum design offers a few advantages over the traditional clip on weave guides;

A breakage in your 'clip on' guide means it is useless. All Agilitum parts are replaceable.


Using clip on weaves usually means risking your fingers. The Agilitum 'over the pole' rings connect simply and stay in place when needed but simply slip off when our of use.


Clip on weaves usually have protruding parts which are inevitably at the dog's eye level and, if installed poorly, can present an injury hazard. Agilitum's smooth rings have no protruding lugs or clips and present much reduced collision risk.​​​​


Clip on weaves are a magnet to trap long or flying hair which can be uncomfortable for your dog. Agilitum's rings don't present a hair trap hazard.​​​​


Spare rings and strips are available meaning that you can extend or modify your set at will. If you need extra long strips (to provide more space between pole and guide), need extra deep strips for more control or coloured strips for additional visibility then it is simply a matter of replacing the specific part or parts.